Even for an Instructor, there are always lessons to learn

Welcome back!

I was thinking this morning of a few of the standard lessons I have learned since I have been on this journey. First of all, I believe that SAP ERP software is a wonderful TOOL! You must learn how to use the tool, before you try to implement this software; or any ERP software for that matter!

I explain to Classes that say that their SAP implementation has failed them or the enterprise in some way. My question in response is simple: Do you blame the hammer, because the carpenter fails to properly build the house? Do you blame the wrench, when your auto fails to start?

Where should the blame be placed? More times than not, two events have occurred: the people performing the implementation, although the low bidder on the project, have set up the SAP world as THEY understand SAP and not to meet the current and future growth needs of the Enterprise. Secondly, the Project Team and the End User community have not been properly trained in this new world.

There are more issues. I hope to include them here as they arise. Maybe the Senior Management staff has not fully engaged the scope of this project. Maybe there has not been the necessary “buy-in” from all of the interested and effected parties. Possibly, an Enterprise wishes to invest several million dollars in this project, but those engaged want EXACTLY what they had before, even in some cases, with a front-end that resembles exactly where they left off on Friday. The Senior User Community has failed to grasp the scope of an SAP project.

On other occasions, Users that are involved in an SAP Project, fail to accept the temporarily expanded scope of their responsibilities. Face it, SAP is an integrated solution. It is complex. We must understand where our data and transactions originate and what impact our transactions will have on others down the line. So many times in class, when I am teaching general financial functionality or Sales or Purchasing, an attendee will chime

“When will we cover how you press the button to release the Purchase requisition for review? That is all I do. That is all I am interested in.”

I will try to respond with an approximate time, I demonstrate that specific function and they will get up to leave the class. They have no other interest than that specific function. This is a User that understands to push a button and little else. I suspect, they need to either be removed from the project or explained the far -reaching impact of their actions.

They have failed to see the integration, the scope and the entire purpose of the project.

As an SAP Reporting Instructor (there are very few of us, but we will discuss that reality in a later post), I always see the relevance of what happens in the SAP transactions and how important correct and complete Enterprise data is to someone creating reports. I usually draw 2 simple examples of the real steps of an SAP Project and what I have called the “Sources of Data”.

Please take a minute to review both and contact me if you have any questions.

Please just click on the SAP Train PDF file below. More details will follow




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