Reporting in SAP

“In God we trust; others bring data.”

So few people know that there are:

  • Hundreds of SAP Lists for Production OLTP Reporting. I use the Fred Flintstone program with the menu path System-> Services->Reporting->enter RFABADAB to find many of these lists.Look at the blue help icon for Reporting type options.
  • SAP delivers hundreds of reports written using the Report Writer and Report Painter tool. These can be copied, renamed and changed easily to meet an Enterprises reporting requirements
  • Project Teams should review Corporate reports before beginning the Project and built the SAP environment so that the reports can easily present the information that people need to make DECISIONS!
  • In SAP, Data is King (or Queen depending!). User need access to information. SAP screens are flexible enough to give users access to information easily. They just need to be trained how to find the information!
  • Forget Excel worksheets if you can! How are they audited?
  • Report Painter Class is not technical and takes 2 days!
  • Report Writer Class is not technical and takes 3 days!

Trust me, I am not selling SAP Education, however, I have seen millions wasted by Project Teams have Reports written by 3rd parties that are unnecessary, slow and usually out of date by the time they are put into production.

And then what? Do you have the report rewritten? Do written a “Z” report if you really don’t have to. Have your Users learn to use the delivered SAP Reporting tools!

From my personal experience, in the 80’s I took a position as an Accounting Manager. Each month my Assistant would give me a batch of reports to “sign off” . I have no idea what they were. The reports were indecipherable. I signed off on this mess for a few months. I would sign, she would take them for retrieval at the Data Center.

One month I suggested that I sign the reports and to leave them in my office. I wanted to see who cam to retrieve them I wanted to know what I had been signing off on. Months went by and the pile of unclaimed reports grew higher. I finally suggested that she not take the time to run the reports.

After a while, it was determined that the useless reports had been created for someone who had left the company years before and yet people still followed these procedures.

A real waste of time and money.

“You can have data without operations but you can’t have operations without data.”


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