What I see today…

Hello SAP Users and Project Managers and those of you considering a purchase of SAP:

    I spent the last few days reading Tweet feeds of SAP scrolling rapidly cross my Tweet page. Topics included: Data Mining, SAP HANA, SAP Mobile, and on and on they scroll and no one seems to be addressing what makes a Project successful!

     I had a conversation this morning with someone who also has worked with SAP for nearly 20 years and the problems we discussed could have been discussed in 1994 instead of a warm morning of 2013! People are still struggling with getting SAP Training for the people that make SAP run and run well: The Users. I remember holding a meeting with the executives in Education a decade ago and I asked the gathered attendees, how many had been to the “O” Training website (Oracle). No hands went up. I clicked on my Power Point presentation and offered this challenge: Lets find a class in Sales. In a few clicks, we were looking at a list of Oracle courses in Sales, the costs, the locations and an outline of what was what was to be trained. I repeated the exercise on the J.D. Edwards training website.

    I finally pulled up the SAP training website http://www.sap.com/training-and-education/index.epx and offered the same challenge. After several attempts to locate a Sales class, the gathered group conceded. The Chief Executive present said in an exasperated voice “We get the point. Move on”.

    Guess what. I heard the exact same conversation this morning twenty years later and still no solution. Companies are not recognizing how important it is to get the highest quality of education that their Project dollars can afford, that Users must be trained, before an Enterprise “goes live” (It is amazing how many Organizations fail to do this). And most importantly, it remains a struggle to navigate the SAP Education website.

    That being said, let’s move on.

    Work out a Training schedule to include first your Project Team Members. Definitely DON’T count on the myth of Knowledge Transfer. It just will not happen!

    If you are not sure of the materials to be covered, contact SAP Training and ask to speak to the Instructor, the week or so BEFORE class date.. Ask about what is to be covered. Trust me, it will not be 100% on target, but you want your Project Team to know more of what SAP has to offer, not strictly what is in your scope! Trust me, it should happen more than it does.

    The people you send to class should bring a generic list of topics they would like to see covered in the materials. If it is pertinent to the Class, the instructor will include the topic. If not, the Instructor will make time before or after class time to roughly cover associated topics. This happens. Bring a printed list. I ask for this list before every class! I am not shocked there are not more.

    Remember this is a PUBLIC training course. It is not a specific SAP consulting opportunity for just your company. But, again, Trust me! Your questions are just like everyone else’s. In 20 years of Training, I ran into very few questions that only were only relevant to a specific company. It happens, but not often!

    If you arrange for an onsite course, keep the Attendees in the classroom, without interruption. People are pulled from classes constantly and it is a loss overall to the Enterprise.

    SAP End User Training is a different beast. It is not a bitch session. If you have Users, bring in a Project Team member to answer Company specific questions when appropriate. SAP End User Training is a different beast. It is not a consulting session. SAP End User Training is a different beast is not a Project design session. If the Instructor has to deal with these issues, then you have not properly instructed your User Community on the new directions you are taking the Enterprise.

    As always, if you have questions about SAP Training, SAP delivered Reporting Tools, drop me a line. If I don’t know the answer, there is a pretty good chance; I will know where to go for an answer!

    But it starts with you!


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