Can I use SAP OLTP Reporting?

SAP Instructors get these questions with every class.

How come SAP only offers reports in CO?

Wrong! People think that since two SAP Reporting courses CA705 and CA710 use CO as a foundation to build reports from, that that is the only place SAP can provide Reporting. This can’t be further from the truth. Reports could just as easily been written in Logistics, Finance, Human Capital Management…you name it, any ERP Core process!

Is there any Reporting available in SAP?

Of course there is. SAP delivers hundred of pre-defined ABAP Lists (sometimes referred to as SALR Transactions. I have used the same report to reconcile cash applications, run Bad Debt Write-Off and Small Balance Write Off reports and on and on. ALV Screens can be designed to assist every type of Transactional User to get their hands around all the information they would ever want. Report Variants, help even the most Jr. of User “customize” an SAP List to their specific requirements!

Does SAP have any Reports?

We will not address the world of OLAP Reporting in SAP with Business Warehouse, Business Objects, Crystal and on and on. That is an entirely different website. SAP offers extensive and flexible user tools with Report Painter and Report Writer. Basically these are the same tool with Painter being an overlay of Report Writer, but Writer offers much more flexibility in Presentation of data, formulas and distribution!

SAP is delivered with again hundreds of Report Painter and Report Writer Reports, that any user with a few hours of training can copy and make them your own! When you build an SAP Library, it is linked to an SAP Transparent Table. Take a look at all of the tables available to build your reports from. And if they are not on that list, simply use transaction code “MCS7” to add your transparent table to that list, build your library and off you go! With a little ingenuity, you can even learn how to do Table Joins using the MCS7 transaction! Write me a note and I will give you the BIG SECRET!

Do we have to write all of our report requirements in ABAP? Double

NO! As soon as you get the report specifications and have written the reporting requirements ,the report has changed and it is back to the drawing board. Big waste of time and resources!

Do we have to download all of our data into Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel?

No…and why would you want to. You can’t assure that the data is accurate, you can’t audit the data. It is easily modified in Excel and you would be forever trying to reconcile the spreadsheet with the one version of the truth you built so carefully by using SAP in the first place!

You have so many SAP Transaction Reporting options available. Use them. Share them, put them into production. Standard SAP Reporting is your friend. Learn to use it. Drop me a line and I will share an idea.


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