An SAP Training Thought before SAPPHIRE!

This morning, I was speaking with someone who had just started a new job and they were overwhelmed by the number of new products she had to supply and price for her Customers.

I reminded her that over the last 20 years, my attendees of SAP Courses have said usually on Monday afternoon:

“I will never get this”

“It is too complicated”

“There is too much to learn”

And so on.

On Friday of class, while they are zipping through some exercise, or building some freelance example, I remind them where they were on Monday and I usually say…”This is why they call it Training!”

Don’t forget that! I am also reminded of what I have been told is an old Indian proverb: You may eat an elephant, but you must do so one bite at a time!

I told the person that we should have several follow-up calls, but esp. one in 6 months or so and see if she still feels as frustrated.

I think she will be just fine.

Please keep writing with your Training and SAP Reporting questions. I answer them as quickly as I can. I am teaching an SAP Advanced Fianancial Configuration class next week so I might be a little slow getting back to you, but don’t give up! I will return your message!

By the way, there is a ton of valuable information and contacts to be made at SAP SAPPHIRE and ASUG meetings in May! Make a point to attend!

No reason to reinvent the wheel!


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