SAP Graphics I draw on the Board! Helpful Hints to Success!

SAP Project Triangle     (<–Please click this link to view the SAP Project Triangle!)

When I teach an SAP Course, I use two diagrams that I draw up on the board at the beginning of class. The SAP Project Triangle is one. The Sources of Data in SAP is the second and I will cover that shortly. Both are simply diagrams, but very helpful in class and when pulling together a project!

I believe that many SAP Project, start by an analysis of the Client’s reporting requirements. This assists the Project Team in defining what the Organizational units (what is a Company? What is a Plant? What is a Cost Center?) are and how does the Client’s existing internal structures, translate into SAP.

We know that we can not create a single piece of Master Data (Customers, Vendors, Cost Centers, Material Records, Fixed Assets and so on) without first defining our Organizational units. Once the Organizational structure is defined, we can begin the definition of the Master Records.

One of the earliest bits of SAP we learn, is that transactions are just combing the information found on two or more Master Records(More to be covered in the Sources of Data in SAP Diagram coming soon), From a Sales Order to a simple two sided journal entry, the user simply provides the Master Record IDs and the rest of the necessary information populates the transaction.

It is at this point we consider what information has been populated in the SAP Data Base tables. If we are missing a key piece of data, we return to our design and adjust the Account Group, Field Status Group or some component in configuration that will allow the data to freely flow into our reporting tables.

The information that is required in our Reporting tables forms the foundation of our configuration. Those that chose not to consider what information is available for standard Report at the conclusion of the design phase, does a disservice to the client.

You must build a house from an architectural design plan, you plan a vacation trip on a roadmap: you would do nothing less on an SAP Project. But boy, do I hear that it happens and people just start building away without ever considering the consequences, especially if they believe that someone can “write an ABAP” or laughingly “Download to EXCEL” to solve the problem of their poor planning. They get to the end of the project and look to their reporting requirements from the Users and then exclaim “Darn SAP…they have no Reporting” because they didn’t follow the simple roadmap when they began!!!

Back soon with more. Don’t forget to click the SAP Project Triangle  above!!


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