Another Class Graphic!: Sources of SAP Data

Frequently in my SAP Configuration classes, I draw this simple diagram on the board.  When we are trying to fix a challenge or shortfall in the data, it is always necessary to understand what was the source of the data.

Knowing where the data originated is half of the struggle to correct our Reporting and Implementation problems. It is certainly easier to correct a problem than to build an ABAP program or make some fishy “down & dirty” code-modifying solution!

Hey, I don’t hate code modifications or User Exits, I just believe half of them are unneccessary and weaken our initial SAP Implementation and the on-going project.

SAP as a Data Source: You typically don’t change any of the information that is provided by SAP: Client ID, System Date, User Name.

Master Data as a Data Source: Using Account Groups, you can control what information is captured in the Master Data of objects like the Customer, Vendor or Material and more!

Configuration as a Data Source:Of course, the data captured in Configuration is far-reaching: number ranges, document types, clearing procedures, defaults and so much more. Review any number of test transactions and determine what was the source of that data.

USERS as a Data Source: But the MOST DIFFICULT to control and predict is the End-User provided data. This is typically where your largest problems can originate, especially if you fail to properly train your User Community!

Transaction Code se13 is also a helpful tool in determining what information is being stored from the results of the transaction.

Please, as always, I appreciate your comments and questions and especially the tips and tricks that I try and share here!


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