German Document Types and Bad Debts in SAP

For all you searchers for German doc types that are hitting this blog: first Thanks. Second: create your own doc types and your life will be easier. Users will understand them. The document types will make sense and it will be easier to select one to use.

Stick your collective neck out!

Be Bold!

Instead of using SA for everything, create a document type” JV” for Journal Voucher or “JE” for Journal Entry.

It will take you 5 minutes and make everyone happy.

Call me crazy, but for those non-P.O. Vendor Invoices, consider “VI”…oooohhhhh. Such a radical!

How many places do I go where everything is DR,KR, SA. Do you even know what those letters meant?

I do. I will give you a clue. I have paid enough restaurant tabs in Germany to say “Rechnung, Bitte!”

And some day, we will figure out:Just how do we write off a Bed Debt in SAP without taking 26 steps to do it. How about we start by making a document type “BD.”

We will discuss the quick, easy, painless and trackable Accounting way to credit out that old Bad Debt item tomorrow. (I was reminded of this because I am teaching a class next week in the US and giggled when I saw IVA’s.


Keep sending your questions and I will keep trying to answer them!




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