SAP needs more Training, not less!

SAP needs more Training, not less!

It is probably not my business. Well, of course, it is not my business, but SAP has decided to lay off more Instructors. And Senior Instructors at that. I am guessing we will be stuck with newer people with less SAP experience.

But is that so important? They sell, you buy it, change some names and off you go. Without training, I think SAP Customers will use about 10% of the power in their Enterprise hands. It is just like that new car with 50 buttons and you can use 6 buttons to make the car run. A new amplifier (do they still make those?), with 50 buttons that you have no idea what you can do.

My position is that the Project Team should be chosen from my best, isolated from the day-to-day operations and allowed to learn SAP. Then, with the help of strong SAP Consultants, together they set up an SAP Environment. Train all the Users to put SAP to the test and use it.

Then after everyone knows what SAP can do, after they know the other 90% of what this incredible SAP tool can bring to the Enterprise: tear it down and then set it up correctly. Implement the other 90%, once you know what it can do.

I am not naïve but I realize how little of SAP people actually utilize. If an Enterprise utilized as much of their 10 million dollar investment in SAP as they do in the macros of their 300 dollar Excel worksheets, Enterprises would explode with the ROI they would receive.

I have often thought about starting a group of Consultants and Trainers who would go in AFTER an Enterprise went “live” on SAP and then go about setting up the rest of the system. And with the Trainers on hand, on-going Course Instructions would keep Users informed of the latest enhancements to their work environment.

Think about just how little of the SAP tool you have implemented and how important Project and User Team training can be. Interview everyone you bring in to implement and train in your new SAP world. Call ASUG for suggestions. Attend SAPPHIRE.

Hey, if you are looking for some PRIME SAP Instructors to bring into your Project, now is the time to grab them up. In the days to come I will ask some to put their information here.

Do your project the greatest jutise by finding the best Instructors you can afford. You will be more than rewarded. Then you can consider your SAP Mobiles and HANA and Z programs and other fancy sexy SAP. Let’s get the house built first and a strong, strong foundation.

As you, I look forward to your comment and please share this little blog post!


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