Changes to the SAP World? Do we really even need End-User Training anymore? Really: We have the cloud…Doesn’t that eliminate the need to train all of those transactional users?

Dear Reader,

Just maybe I am confused here. I posted an article on SAP and it’s future in the cloud.

They chatted about HANA, and trillions of bytes of info and clouds and hackers: but was there ever a mention of the uses?

Will someone still place a Sales Order, fulfill a purchase requisition, post an adjusting journal entry, create a production order?

Did anyone talk about what happens to the thousands, no millions of everyday users that create these transactions in SAP that are stored in these clouds? Where did everyone miss the boat that for every one project person I train, there are anywhere between a dozen and a hundred people just waiting to figure out how this works…How do they do their job?

At one time while I was in the SAP Platinum Consulting Group, I was the ONLY Platinum Consultant representing SAP End User Training and SAP Reporting. What is with that?

I will never forget the day I received a call from a large telecommunications company and with my little re-printed form in hand, I asked this question: How many end-users do you plan on training.

Their answer was simple but I fell off my swivel chair when they said calmly approximately 100,000.

I asked to put them on hold and went into my boss and said “We have a problem”

And when they replaced me with another entire firm, none of their “Trainers” had ever even run a single SAP Transaction.

That was a dozen years ago and every time I teach a class, I hear the same story over and over. I realize that SAP is a software developer first and foremost and an Implementer as required, but it seems that NO ONE has even attempted to do a satisfactory job at providing END USER TRAINING.

Whose is to blame? Are Enterprises in too much of a hurry to get SAP running? Are the End User Trainers falling short or are they overwhelmed?

Or maybe with the article I put in the previous post, all of my whining about training is past history and just not required any longer. Somebody let me know!


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