Looking for ideas why a highly skilled group of Data Management and SAP Reporting People are being underutilized in today’s economy!

Recently, I completed a SAP Training Project and I hoped that I would be able to take the knowledge base of three different people who have been in Industry collectively for over 75 years and create a grand opportunity. Three of us find ourselves at the end of 2013 employed but barely.

I understand a tight economy, I understand cutbacks, but what I fail to understand is that there are Enterprises wanting to move forward into next year and the next decade. I am a firm believer that a Company is a sum total of all of the results of the transactions that the Company generates during a particular period.

Sale = transaction. Shipment = transaction. Payment = transaction.

And the cycle repeats.

And the way we capture those results is through REPORTING. Transactional Reporting tells us what happened day to day in our Enterprise. Analytic Reporting provides the information of where an Enterprise is heading. What products are moving, what sales in what areas are growing and what is falling behind our goals.

Regardless, our lifeblood is information and Reporting is that information. I have said in a thousand classrooms, at numerous conferences and many times on this blog that SAP Projects (all Projects for that matter) must begin with first considering Reporting. Reporting helps us define our organizational assignment. Reporting defines our Master Data requirements and Reporting outlines what information is captured from the results of our transactions. If we have followed the guidelines provided by the results of our Enterprise transactions, then we will have no problem extracting information to move us forward following the completion of our Project.

So often, I find that an Enterprise will enter a Project without considering the implication of their Reporting requirements and once completed, they look around helplessly for the guidance of their reports.

We all know what happens next. The Enterprise heads in one of two bad directions: they download raw data into spreadsheet tables (spend millions to implement a software package and then download the raw data into a $300 spreadsheet) or they find someone who can write an ABAP program and then create a huge bottleneck where reports trickle out so slowly that by the time the homegrown report is complete, the Enterprise has changed its’requirement.

And here is the kicker.

One member of our team is a detail-oriented IT professional with over 25 years experience developing and managing complex software projects in a team environment. Excellent communication skills with exceptional analysis and problem solving abilities. SQL Developer, Researched tax changes, authored data extraction and validation algorithms in VB and T-SQL, managed electronic submissions. He has Championed successful enterprise Data Warehouse initiative employing SQL Server and Business Objects technologies. Co-managed project from inception to roll-out. Conceived, modeled and implemented a Sales Datamart to drive all sales reports, cutting processing time from six to two hours. Implemented parallel job processing application in SQL and VB for ETL process and for generating reports, eliminating bottlenecks and facilitating restart for load failures.

The second member is an Analytics Professional. He is Expert and Expert Witness in Analytical Solutions, Business Process Analysis, Risk Scoring, Predictive Modeling, Team Leadership, Customer Analytics, Presentations and Communication, Documentation, Regulatory Oversight, Policy development, Automated Valuation Models /Cascade Development and Deployment . A regular speaker at industry conferences holding
Master’s Degree is in Psychology. He speaks several languages: French and Italian and of course English. His experience includes work in industry sectors include Banking, Consumer Finance, Scoring Development, B & C Mortgage, Automotive Finance.

And then my experience:

I have continued to train a variety of courses for SAP Education and IBC as an independent contractor. I teach at SAP Training classroom locations, SAP Virtual installations and customer on-sites. I am teaching SAP FI Application courses, the BW Application as well as Report Writer and Report Painter and SAP New Flexible General Ledger..

I maintain a periodic SAP Training Blog, sharing some of my almost twenty years of SAP Training and Consulting experience at https://saptrain.wordpress.com. I have a growing daily audience. As needed, I fill requests for SAP European sites.

Completed a six month assignment at **********. I was required to develop an understanding of their internal procedures and assist in development of multiple levels of training materials. I delivered several rounds of stand-up End-User Training and was assigned to specific ***** field locations to provide “Refresh” Training to fill in the gaps following the regular course offerings.

I spent the final month working an SAP Help Line, fielding queries on all SAP applications after Go-Live.

And while working with SAP Education, I specialized in Enterprise Reporting in SAP R/3 and New Dimension Products. Spent several years training Customers and SAP Internals in the use of Report Writer, Report Painter, Logistics Information Systems, Human Resource Reporting, SAP Query, QuickViewer, Business Warehouse Analyzer, Infoset Queries and Special Purpose Ledger.Worked many years with SAP FI, A/R, A/P, GL, SPL.

In addition, I have configured Customer & Vendor Master Records, and analyzed the SAP MM/SD to FI integration.

Designed, developed and delivered Workshop called “Reporting in SAP R/3: A Toolset Overview”. Workshop is a primer Course in many of the SAP Reporting Options.

Taught the Configuration and Data Modeling of Special Purpose Ledgers and the Logistics Information System.Global Course owner of Special Purpose Ledgers. Served as an Instructor Mentor designing training plans, scheduling courses and reviewing classroom performance for newly hired Instructors.

The three of us together form dynamic team able to build a path to the future using a myriad of Data Analysis, SQL and SAP Reporting tools.

What I am puzzled by is what is taking place that three people with decades of data analysis and reporting experience, would find difficulty in securing good secure positions in this economy.

I should finally point out that each of us received multiple awards from our respective Enterprises, we were promoted, given additional responsibilities and maintain a broad list of references from our clients and our employers

Stuart Welch Resume


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