About Stuart Welch aka I002537

Stuart Welch has been working and training in the world of SAP Finance and SAP Reporting for almost 20 years. He has developed new SAP training materials, delivered course in front of classrooms of 1 to a 100. In addition, Stuart uses SAP virtual training or whether live or virtual, he has received thousands of excellent reviews from his attendees. He trains other SAP Instructors, Consultants and Managers and represented SAP to the largest and smallest organization around the world.

Stuart is also a prolific writer; maintains a separate blog of both fiction and non-fiction. He also created the SAP course The Integration of SD & MM to FI an the 2 day SAP workshop Reporting in SAP . He has written or co-written and delivered hundreds of SAP User Training courses as well

By the way, he publishes this SAP Blog under the EXCLUSIVE name of I002537 which gives a hint for those who know SAP just how long he has been involved with the Product!


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